"Throughout the 13 tracks on Old Overhaul, The Desert Kind manages to both acknowledge the roots of folk music and blend in modern sounds that will satisfy bearded hipster crowds. Their music is anchored by excellent musicianship, with a large arsenal of instruments being explored at various points. The Desert Kind is an exciting discovery. Their organic sound is a welcome refresher when one needs to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life." (Dustin Blumhagen, New Noise Mag)


"In advance of the album, titled Old Overhaul (a special nod to fans of a good pour of rye?), the group released a single for "Wanderin' Heart." Check out the single's lovely B-side, "Port Townsend," a mellow, barrel-aged ballad suitable for slow-sippin' and—towards the ripe, smoky finish—high steppin'. Again, the Desert Kind will be sending Old Overhaul out into the world this Wednesday night at Mississippi Studios."(Ned Lanahann- Portland Mercury)